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The T-Shirt Styling Guide - Styling Your Amdi Bere T-Shirt Like A Pro

Something new we are excited to share on a more frequent basis. We call it ‘The T-Shirt Styling Guide’ which has been inspired by our community of influencers. Our aim is getting you exploring the various ways you can style your Amdi Bere t-shirt. From casual to a more formal look, we have you covered. We are even confident that you will be looking forward to re-rocking your t-shirts like we’ve done. It’s time to express yourself in words, colour, art and designs through t-shirt fashion and apparel prints. That statement alone excites us!

We start off with the Strong T-Shirt. This t-shirt style has quickly become one of the favourites among our community of influencers. Below are how they’ve put together styles that will get you styling your Strong T-shirt like a pro.

First Look: Our first look is our quick go-to-style. The Strong T-Shirt has been styled with jeans and paired with heels. This is a perfect look for going out to an occasion that requires a formal look. It has been accessorised with plaid t-shirt and a cute bag of a similar colour. There are many places you can replicate the look at and still stand out in your t-shirt styling.

Second LookThe second look featured has been styled with jeans and trainers. It has been accessorised with trainers, red belt and a multi-coloured cross body bag. This is a perfect casual look for running errands around town, going to university or even occasions that require a formal look. Imagine standing out whilst making a Strong statement.

Third LookWhat's there not to love about this look? T-shirt and skirt have come to stay, and it is time to start exploring this area of style if you haven't started doing so. Not just corporate look skirt but any skirt style that range from flare to mini to midi skirt and everything in-between. This look demonstrate that the Strong T-Shirt is versatile and can be styled in any direction you deem fit. With the white heels and the cute bag, this look is perfect for a night out or for any occasion that requires a more formal look.

Fourth Look: Like the second look, however, it has been paired with heels and a cute red bag. The colour the red strong print makes the accessories for the Strong t-shirt to easily default to red. This can add a pop of colour and a nice touch to the rest of your outfit.

Fifth Look: Looking for a work outfit inspiration, look no further as this look might just do it! The blazer and the black court shoes upgraded the look to work outfit. You can remove your blazer for a relaxed evening with colleagues or even an outing with friends. This outfit style was worn to a church service.

Sixth Look: Another outfit we are currently swooning over. From the simplicity to the colour coordination – the outfit is just everything! From the skinny red belt and the red bag – the outfit has been well accessorised. Who knew a well tailored trouser can change the whole dynamics of the strong t-shirt look. This look can be worn in the day or evening time. Can you imagine adding a red or white blazer to the look?

Seventh Look: T-Shirt and ripped jeans like we previously said is a perfect go-to-look for any occasion. For a casual relaxed look and when you just can’t be bothered to style and accessorise your look. The printing on the t-shirt still adds colour to your look.

This is the first of many more t-shirt styling guides to come. Watch out for more to come! In the meantime, which style is your favourite look and which style is more your go-to-look and fits in with your personality? Which style are you looking to replicate? Do let us know.

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