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T-Shirt Fashion Will Never Be The Same - Amdi Bere Launch Collection

It’s no longer news that t-shirt fashion and apparel prints with statements and illustrations have come to stay and with the debut of Amdi Bere’s Launch Collection, this range of fashion clothing will never be the same. Amdi Bere is a fashion brand which focuses on t-shirt fashion and apparel prints which creatively combines both statement words and illustration that appeals to the everyday fashion woman to create the perfectly styled look book for varying occasions.

Launch Collection features words and simple illustrative designs that inspires, promotes and embodies love, sisterhood bond, success and feminine strength. With designs infused with colours such as lilac, red, green, white and black, your t-shirt range is not left looking bland. Our obsession with t-shirt fashion and apparel print is not just in words but can be seen and felt in the look of our designs and in the quality of our cotton fabric material. 

Amdi Bere t-shirt can be styled as a complete casual look with just trainers and jeans or you can explore your fashionista element and upgrade your t-shirt look to a less casual look – a look book combining fashion pieces such as skirts, well-tailored trousers, heels and a handbag. Everything about the Launch Collection screams street style meets fashion glam look book and we are loving it. Our latest collection has something for you to not only wear but also to stand out and express yourself.

Let us know what you think about the Launch Collection and which one is your favourite design so far?

Shop the Launch Collection look book now.

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