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Staying The Course.

At the start of the new year, you may have set some inspiring goals or perhaps reviewed your existing goals to ensure that you are on track to making 2019 ‘your’ year – a new year resolution ritual many look forward to at the start of the new year. Research into goal setting in relation to new year resolution indicate that about eight percent of the people who set new year goals ever achieve them with around 66 percent of people dropping their new year resolution goal after the first month and a further forty-three percent of people calling it a quit in less than a month. Also consistent with these findings are the results from BUPA Healthcare which indicates that 80 percent of people will not make it to the end of March before going back to their old ways.

There are myriad reasons why we set new year goals. From the possibility of starting afresh to challenging self to stay committed to a journey we have already embarked on and everything in between. When it comes to achieving our goals, we must understand that we are the only creature capable of creating our own environment irrespective of how dire our current circumstances are. This is an underlying truth which must be accepted before we set off on the journey of goal setting. Most people who fall into this unfortunate statistic of never accomplishing their set goals either are not aware of this underlying truth or simply choose to feign ignorance thereby setting themselves up to fail before even they embark on actualising their goals.

There are rules for success and winning in life. No goal can be successfully accomplished without a level of self-awareness with regards to the rules that govern success and winning in life. If that’s the case, why do many venture into goal setting without understanding the rules of engagement? We think the missing link seems to be not factoring in the level of sacrifice that will required of us and the upfront cost we will have to pay while we are happily setting our goals. To achieve any goal worthwhile, the sacrifice and upfront cost will range from working on our belief system which cements the foundation for winning in life. Just imagine what you could accomplish if you could change your perception to a winning image of anything is possible kind of mindset?

Your belief system will be the foundational building block for any worthwhile goal you set off to accomplish. Working on your belief system will ultimately lead you to look inwards to deploy your intuition, imagination, memory and intellect to work in harmony with the laws that govern the universe. Not only do you know that achieving your goal is possible, but you will be equipped with information to know that failure is only temporary defeat we experience on your way to success. With the foundation fully cemented, you can build the required goal and be able to withstand the pressure, challenges and setbacks that will come along your way to your destination.

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