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The Evolving History Of Printed T-Shirt

History lesson today shall we? As we are foremost about t-shirt fashion, we thought why not shed some light about t-shirt history which has evolved over the past 100 years to become an essential wardrobe staple for both men and women to a more sophisticated way of expressing oneself in modern fashion and society.

The terminology t-shirt was coined due to the T-shape it forms on the upper torso of the body. While there is no named person that invented the t-shirt, t-shirt origin however, can be traced to the 19th century where experimentation of materials resulted in the creation of buttonless undershirts made from wool and cotton that you could pull over your head without ruining the collar. The t-shirt history timeline will continue to evolve when it was brought into the attention of US Navy after Cooper Underwear Company advertised the buttonless undershirts to single bachelor men as an alternative to its counterpart button undershirts which required more maintenance.

Being a large employer of bachelor men with limited sewing skills, the white buttonless undershirts appealed to the US Navy and was officially incorporated into its uniform. After World War II, the US military continued with their tradition of wearing it as an outer garment and coupled with its depiction in books such as the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald – where he became the first known person to use the word t-shirt in print and the well-known film A Streetcar Named Desire – a perception shift took place in society and these led to the wide spread prominence of what we now popularly known as t-shirt which is perfectly acceptable to be worn as an outer garment.

The t-shirt as we now know is made from various materials and comes in different styles and lengths. It comes in either V-neck or Crew Neck and the lengths vary from long sleeve to short sleeve with variety of colours with fittings suitable for either men, women or both genders otherwise known as unisex. The simplicity of t-shirts has made it the favourite identity uniform for most entrepreneurs at Silicon Valley. In the quest for innovation, there has been several improvements made by t-shirt companies to make them more comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly.

In a world where standing out and daring to be different is greatly admired and often celebrated, businesses, fashion houses and the celebrity culture found a way to expand t-shirts to a wider demographics by introducing us to the world of printed t-shirt also popularly known as slogan tee. Apart from the cool factor print gives on t-shirts with the ability to stand out and express oneself, what else makes printed t-shirt appealing? Think about this, if you have a message to spread, printed t-shirts in a lot of ways offers a cheaper option for mass advertising and brand awareness. Think Nike or Adidas. Individuals and organisations alike can overtly or subliminally pass on their message to a wider audience – suddenly you’ve brought attention to your cause, etched a permanent picture in the mind of people that see the printed t-shirts and a motion of awareness is set in place.

Thanks to technological advancement within the printing industry, what can be created with t-shirt is now down to your imagination and the goals you are aiming for. From screen printing to vinyl printing to digital transfer printing, there is an option to suit one’s budget. When taken good care of, these prints can last the duration of the garment and in some cases, can even outlast the garment.

It’s safe to say that t-shirts have come to stay. If you look long enough, there is a t-shirt style either plain or printed that will be a perfect fit for you. Thanks to fashion influencers, we now know that t-shirts are not only reserved to be worn with jeans and trainers. They can be dressed up for a more formal look or dressed down or a more casual look. The possibility of how you can style a t-shirt is down to your own personal style. As we are totally obsessed about T-shirt fashion, we believe that every woman ought to have a visual statement in their modern wardrobe. We say Express Yourself!

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